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Our Process

We believe that everyone is able to learn, but we all do it in our own way and at our own pace. To make this a stimulating learning experience, we have a few steps in our process that help us to offer the best support possible along this journey.


We go above and beyond to offer continued support throughout your tutoring journey with us. 


Our Process is Dynamic

These 3 steps in our process set the tone for our journey of learning and success. However, we adapt as we go with detailed feedback after each lesson. We use this to adjust to what works best for you and your child so our tailored packages may look slightly different for each family.

Our Starting Steps

On-boarding Meeting

This is a meeting online or at the lesson venue to chat about your family's goals and expectations of the process and to better understand your child's goals, strengths & challenges before the first lesson.

Diagnostic Test/s

This is a written test based on the subjects where support is required. This is done at home and sent in before lessons start so that there are clear objectives from the first lesson. These tests also help us to identify any gaps in understanding from previous years. 

Let's Get Learning!

Once a payment option is selected and you are happy with the outline of your package, you and your tutor are ready to start getting you closer to your goals!

Your tutor will be in touch to let you know what to prepare or bring to your first lesson.




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