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We offer tutoring and academic support services that are tailored to your needs and expectations, for this reason our prices are tailored to our specialised programmes as well. Our prices match our high standard of support, communication, and attention to detail that allows us to incorporate so many factors, besides content alone, into our lessons.

What is included in the lesson price?

Our high-quality packages are all inclusive, with no hidden costs added on to our services. Each lesson package may differ according to each child's needs, however this is an outline of what is covered in your lesson price.


On-boarding Meeting


Contact with Tutor between lessons &  homework assistance


Tutor Travel Time & Costs


Study skills, exam techniques & general academic organisational skills & templates


Learning style assessment & practice tests before exams


Any notes, summaries or printed materials required for the lesson


Feedback after each lesson, or weekly depending on your package


Contact with other supporting professionals & guardians


Group Classes

These packages are dependent on many factors outlined below:

- Subject

- Grade

- Number of learners

- Travel time & distance

- Number of hours required


1-on-1 Lessons

Our lessons and approach are very specific to each individual and a lot of support and effort is included in between lesson times. For this reason our prices reflect the quality, expertise and care that goes into growing with each learner. 

Prices range on a sliding scale specific to each case.

 These prices are all inclusive with no hidden costs.

Give us a call to see what package best suits your child & family.

We would love to chat to you to see what we can do to give your child and family the best support possible while jumping over academic hurdles and heading for success. 

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